Aussiedoodles MS


Aussiedoodles MS

Aussiedoodles MS, We are dedicated to raising Mini and Toy size Aussiedoodles. Health tested, vaccinated, potty trained.

Why do Aussiedoodles cost so much?

Why are Aussie doodles Expensive? Despite being hybrid dogs, Aussie doodles are often on the expensive side. Because of the work that goes into breeding high-quality, healthy puppies. This can be especially tricky when combining two very different breeds.

How often can I bathe my Aussiedoodle? Aussiedoodles MS

You won’t need to bathe your Doodle all that often unless. They’re the type who really love a roll in the mud. Every month or two should be more than enough to keep them looking chic.

Do Aussiedoodle like to cuddle?

Aussie doodles are know for their cuddly nature and love of attention. If you are looking for a dog that will cuddle with you on the couch or snuggle up in bed, an Aussiedoodle is a great choice.

What is the best thing about Aussie doodles?

Aussiepoos make wonderful therapy dogs. They’re in tune with your needs and know when you’re having a rough day, which is why many Aussie doodles are use as service, therapy, and emotional support dogs. Gentle to all people and animals, they know you need them just as much as they need you.

Why do Aussie doodle have no tail?

A Breed Standard is the description a Breed Club -Such as the AKC (American Kennel Club Poodle and Australian Shepard breeds). Creates to describe what they believe to be the ‘perfect’ looking example of the breed. They can not be show in conformation shows with a full tail.

Are Aussie doodles prone to anxiety?

Dog breeds with high intelligence and trainability are often the most likely to struggle with separation anxiety. Because they are wire to be with their pack as oppose to more independent dog breeds. Our Doodles certainly fit into the former category.

Are Aussie doodles good house dogs?

These active dogs, often referred to as an “Einstein” breed for their smarts. Do well in homes that can provide plenty of attention and exercise. The Aussiedoodle makes an excellent family dog, as long as smaller children know how to safely play with the pup.

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