Australian Shepherd Breeders Near Me


Australian Shepherd Breeders Near Me

Australian Shepherd Breeders Near Me, We have more than 10 years of experience and raise healthy, quality, and well socialized. AKC Registered

What 2 breeds make an Australian Shepherd?

There are many theories on which breeds are use to create the Australian Shepherd. It’s likely that the Aussie’s ancestors include collie and shepherd-type dogs that were importe with shipments of sheep from Australia during the 1840s — hence the name.

Is Australian Shepherd a good family dog?

Australia Shepherd Dog Breed Information and Personality Traits. An active yet easy-going dog, the Australian shepherd loves to romp with children and tends to get along well with other pets. Australian shepherds are great family pets, herding animals, police dogs, and competitors in obedience trials.

Are Australian Shepherd mix good dogs?

Also, They were raise to be the ultimate companion and family dog. Purebred Australian Shepherds are smart. However, breeding them with the 2nd smartest dog in the world will give you a highly intelligent Aussie mix. More importantly, these loyal dogs love to socialize with all humans.

What dogs make an Australian Shepherd?

Also, The Australian Shepherd is believe to have develope from a variety of herding dogs importe to California with sheep imports, including collies from Australia and New Zealand, it was from these ancestors the breed took its name.

Are Aussies cuddly?

While Australian Shepherds can be very affectionate, loving, and cuddly dogs with their family members, they may not act the same way at all with someone they don’t know. Also, This dog will enjoy snuggling with the people he trusts.

Can Australian Shepherds be left alone?

The bottom line. Australian Shepherds are bundles of fun, but they are also highly sensitive dogs. You should never leave an Aussie alone for more than four hours at a time, and try to make the most out of every day to prevent boredom and loneliness when they are their own devices.

How much is an Australian Shepherd?

Also, Depending on the breeder and availability in your area, an Australian Shepherd puppy can cost between $800-$1,800 and even be higher in some cases. On average, you can expect to pay around $1,000

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