Blue Eyed Aussies For Sale


Blue Eyed Aussies For Sale

Blue Eyed Aussies For Sale, Family Breed Dapple Toy, and Mini Aussies puppies. Ready for their new home, Potty Trained; SHOP NOW

How much are blue eyed Aussies for sale

Depending on the breeder and availability in your area, an Australian Shepherd puppy can cost between $800-$1,800 and even be higher in some cases. On average, you can expect to pay around $1,000

Is it common for Aussies to have blue eyes?

Sometimes Australian Shepherds which are not merle will have blue eyes. Either or both eyes may be blue. Sometimes they are half blue/half pigmente. They are rarely fleck or marble.

What is the rarest Australian Shepherd color?

Red merles are far less common than blue merles because the red-colored gene is recessive in dogs, meaning both parents have to have it for their offspring to inherit the coat. Red is the rarest color in Aussies generally, although the red merle coat is one of the more common red-color coats in the breed.

What are ghost eyes in Aussies?

Legend has it that Native Americans called Australian Shepherds “ghost eye” and thought they were sacred. These dogs do not always have blue eyes, but pale blue, “ghostly” eyes are common among the breed.

Do all blue merle Aussies have blue eyes?

The solid eye colors of blue merles include either brown or blue. And in some instances, blue merles can have eyes of two different colors (one blue and one brown). If the base color of the eye is blue, then they are likely to have brown specks.

What is a mismarked Australian Shepherd?

Also, Dogs with excess white markings are sometimes refer to as mismarks, or over-marke. Australian Shepherds with too much white are usually healthy(exceptions note below). There are entire breeds that allow far more white than typical of Aussies.

Will my Australian Shepherd’s eyes change color?

Also, His eyes are beginning to change from the dark grayish blue of early puppyhood to his adult color of medium brown. Also, From the beginning, the grayish blue shade was fairly dark compare to the light shade of a dog who will have blue eyes.

Can puppies have blueberries?

Yes, whether you feed them fresh, frozen, dried, or mashed, blueberries are a safe treat for your dog. With only 84 calories per cup of fruit, they are also a safe treat for diabetic dogs (but you’ll want to check with your vet before offering them) or used as a training treat.

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