Do Dogs Ever Have Blue Eyes


Do Dogs Ever Have Blue Eyes?

Do Dogs Ever Have Blue Eyes? Blue eyes are in a number of dog breeds, including Old English sheepdogs, border collies, and Welsh and Pembroke corgis, Irizarrypoints out. But for breeds the blue-eye trait is inherite as a recessive trait, meaning that two mutate copies of the gene are require for the blue eyes to occur

Can any dog have blue eyes?

While genetic abnormalities like Albinism can cause any dog to have blue eyes, these occurrences are rare. Also, There are some breeds that naturally carry the blue-eyed gene, with perhaps the most common breed being the Siberian Husky

What does it mean if a dog has blue eye?

But for a dog that doesn’t naturally have blue eyes, a blue eye could indicate a disease called interstitial keratitis, “a corneal inflammation in which a bluish-white film appears over the clear window of the eye

How do you tell if a puppy’s eyes will be blue?

Puppies’ eyes are close for the first 8 to 14 days of their lives. Their eyes only begin to reveal themselves — and slowly open after that point. This is the time to enjoy the blue-eyed stage where their eyes are blue and wholly uniform in color, meaning there is no change from the irises to the pupils

Do merle dogs have blue eyes?

Also, All merles may have blue or partially blue eyes, and pink or partially pink noses. Merle is completely hid by recessive red, as recessive red dogs can’t make eumelanin pigment and merle only affects eumelanin. A recessive red merle is sometimes call as a phantom merle.

Can cocker spaniels have blue eyes?

Also, Cocker spaniels are known for their silky coat, their long, adorable floppy ears, and their dark, almond shape, eyes. It is traditional for Cockers to have dark brown eyes with an almond shape around the rim. Merle Cocker spaniels can have blue eyes

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