Shipping Procedure

Transporting Your Puppy From Our Home to Yours

Our goal is to unite you and your puppy in the most stress-free manner possible. We put the safety and happiness of your puppy above everything else!

Although picking up your puppy in person at the breeder is ideal, we understand this is simply not practical for everybody. To accommodate those who cannot pick up their puppy in person, we offer two puppy travel and delivery options:


We make sure our baby is very comfortable during the flight so the delivery agent travels alongside the puppy, this will prevent the puppy from being put under Cargo. I will also be sending your baby with some puppy packs like traveling crates, foodstuffs, blankets, a care manual booklet that will help you with the type of foods to get, how many times to feed the puppy a day, and lots more. 
Payment will be done via Apple Pay or Zelle. I will be needing the below info so I will start 
working on the transfer of ownership document and sale contract then head to the agency and handle 
registration and flight. Delivery is normally 24 hours, so when am done the agency will contact you with the tracking number and delivery time.








ZIP CODE………..?


Airport Selection:

We’ll find and choose the most convenient airport that provides a pet program and an incoming flight schedule that is best for the pup.


We take care of communicating and coordinating with you and the breeder to ensure your pup is well-prepared for their travel day. We work with you and the breeder to coordinate schedules, and you will be provided with a full flight itinerary.

Puppy Pickup:

We will pick up your puppy from the breeder and transport them to the airport. We love this because we get to spend extra time with your pup in helping them to have the best travel day possible!


After good-bye kisses and check-in, your puppy will travel in the comfort of a new airline-approved kennel with absorbent bedding, food, and water.

Joyful Reunion:

We stay in touch with you to let you know your pup is safely on its way and will wait to hear the good news of your new pup arriving safely in your arms!


Due to current restrictions and increased logistics/costs, pricing currently begins at $250 and may vary depending on the size and age of your puppy but due to our long experience with Delta Courier they have reduced the price to $150 for our clients

Payments Methods

Due to the covid crisis and the rise of online apps, we do accept, the following payment methods
Zelle, Cash App, Apple Pay, and Walmart Transfer

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