Toy Mini Australian Shepherd


Toy Mini Australian Shepherd

Toy Mini Australian Shepherd, Get to know our available Mini Aussie Puppies. Find your ideal Aussie Puppy from reputable breeders only

Is a toy Aussie smaller than a Mini?

Toy Australian shepherds are even smaller than the miniatures. Mature toy Australian shepherds usually reach heights of between 10 and 14 inches. The breed size categorization doesn’t just end there, either. Australian shepherds smaller than the toys are sometimes refer to as “teacups.”

Are toy Aussies hyper?

Mini Australian Shepherds are beautiful, good-natured, fun-loving dogs. They are well know for their abundant energy, so prospective owners may be wondering: Are Mini Aussies really that hyperactive? Yes – but don’t let that scare you away!

How do you tell if your Aussie is a mini?

The most significant difference between Aussie breeds is their size. In the case of a Mini Aussie, you will find that, at full growth, they typically peak around 14 to 18 inches tall from the top of the shoulder to the floor. In terms of weight, this breed will weigh 20-40 pounds on average.

Are toy Aussies good pets?

Do Toy Aussies make good family dogs? Toy Aussies love family life and make brilliant family dogs. They like to be involve in all aspects of family life and make great playmates for children. Aussies should also get on well with other family dogs and pets.

At what age does a mini Aussie stop growing?

This is by far the most common reason any dog stops growing, and it is, of course, perfectly natural. Most Australian shepherds reach maturity by the time they’re 16 months old, though if you have a mini-Aussie, he will probably be full-grown by his first birthday.

What is the smallest Australian Shepherd?

Most Australian Shepherds and Mini Aussies are born with full long tails while some are born with short bobbed tails (NBT), and others are born with natural partial bobs, where the tail is mid length and appears stubby. Breeders have historically docked the tails when the puppies are born.

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