Why Do Aussies Have Blue Eyes


Why Do Aussies Have Blue Eyes?

Why Do Aussies Have Blue Eyes, The presence of blue eyes does not always indicate a merle. This type of recessive blue eye can be observe both in merles and nonmerles. In Aussies, recessive blues like this are cause by a recessive gene similar to that found in Siberian huskies and Border collies.

Why do Australian shepherds have one blue eye and one brown eye?

Some dogs are born with one brown eye and one blue eye, which can look very strange since we’re use to seeing dogs with two brown eyes. This is sometimes call “wall eye,” and it’s cause by certain genes that are pass down from parents to offspring.

Are blue eyes a problem in dogs?

But for a dog that doesn’t naturally have blue eyes, a blue eye could indicate a disease called interstitial keratitis, “a corneal inflammation in which a bluish-white film appears over the clear window of the eye. It is cause by the same virus that causes infectious hepatitis,” according to WebMD.

How do I know if my Australian shepherd puppy has blue eyes?

Also, Pups that are destine to have eyes that are very dark, almost black, will have dark irises of a midnight blue color from the beginning. In a puppy with split or marbled eyes part of the iris is dark like this pup’s eyes, and the blue area is pale. This female from the same litter has eyes that stayed blue.

What can I name my dog with blue eyes?

Also, There are many cool names for blue-eyed Siberian huskies. Depending on what type of name you are looking for, you may like naming your dog something like Icy, Frosty, Cobalt, Azul, Polar, Capri, Caspian, Blaze, or Cyan

Do puppies blue eyes change color?

Also, Their eyes can go from blue to grey to blue again, or they can change from blue to grey to brown over the course of a month. By the time your dog is about 6 months old, their eye color is likely set and will not change as they get older

What is the most common eye color in Australia?

“It depends upon what population you are speaking about,” Professor Richard Sturm said HuffPost Australia. “In Australians of European ancestry, the percentage of eye colors are 45 percent blue-grey, 30 percent green-hazel and 25 percent brown

Are all Aussies with white ears deaf?

Also, White on and around the ear is associate with deafness in many breeds of dog. Most double merles with white on or around the ears are deaf, usually in both ears. Occasionally, Aussies that are not double merles who have these markings will be deaf in one or both ears.

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